An open space for all the tech, startup and design communities to make it their home.

Current status
0 / 10.000 €
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A quiet, inspiring place to host your creativity and put you into zen. For whatever you do.

Microcontroller, breadboards, 3D printers, nuts and bolts. Everything the hardware geeks need for their prototypes.

Grab a beer, relax and make new friends. The lobby is where the SKG tech community hangs out.

The Space Specifications


Point Zero will be located in the centre of Thessaloniki


We will aim to rent a place over 100m2


Three main areas, one of which should be able to repurpose for meetup gatherings of at least 70 seated people


A kitchen, a beverage bar, a clean and cozy bathroom.
Bonus points for a meeting room

The Budget

  • 10.000€
    For the first running year.
  • 7.000€
    For each year thereafter.

How you can help
Grease the wheels to make this happen!

  • Donate via PayPal

    Send any amount you can afford to

  • Donate via Wire Transfer (Piraeus Bank)

    IBAN: GR57 0171 8640 0068 6413 6129771

    Beneficiary: SKGTECH

* Please make sure to write your name and footnote "for Point Zero"!

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The Perks

100€ - The Point Zero Gal & Lad
You get a year's worth of space usage.
300€ - The Point Zero Bro
Besides being lads, Bros get to rock the first Point Zero branded swag and brag about it.
1000€ - The Point Zero Sacred Entities
You get mega worship and respect from bros and lads. Some others call you sponsors...


How will Point Zero sustain itself?
We'll have the full set of co-working services offered to businesses and professionals, we'll also go for a small bar / refreshments commercial space. But in reality, the bulk of the space's yearly income will be from the member's subscriptions.
Who is running Point Zero?
SKGTech along with the meetup communities of our city are the administrative entity. SKGTech is a Non Profit legal entity and will take care of all the accounting and legal work.
Find here the SKGTech's ByLaws
Is Point Zero for profit?
No, Point Zero is a non profit entity.
What will happen if you don't reach your goal?
There is no reason to be pessimistic about this, as a community, together, we have all the resources required to achieve our goals. However in the unlikely case that the project does not achieve it's goals, all funds will be returned minus any expenses incurred in the meantime.

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